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Hiking guide

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The Kungsleden, through Lapland's mountain world, starts in Abisko and ends in Hemavan after just over 400 km. Ammarnäs is a natural place to rest your feet for a day or two if you hike the entire trail. The stretch between Ammarnäs and Hemavan is excellent if you want to do a slightly shorter hike and maybe fly back to the starting point with a regular helicopter lift. The Kungsleden between Ammarnäs and Hemavan is 78 km and Ammarnäs is the natural starting point for a weekly hike to Hemavan.

Five manned cabins along the road, both winter and summer, allow you to pack your backpack easily and simply.



13 km from Ammarnäs. 3.1 km after passing Vindskyddet and parking at Höbäcken, there is a signpost towards Åggouvarrie, on the left side of the road.

Agguovarrie. The hike is about 700 m from the road up to the top. Once at the top, you are offered one
fantastic views of e.g. a. Vindelåns valley, Suvåjvvie (1352 m), Rierruogájsie with the Ammar glacier in the foreground (1611 m). In the north you see parts of Björkfjället (1010 m) and in the west is Ammarfjället (1611 m). The trail up to the top is cleared but unmarked. It is an easy hike up to the top and once there you have a fantastic view of Vindelfjällens Nature Reserve.


Kungsleden's parking and hiking all the way up to Tjulträsk about 9 km. If you have a car, you can drive up to "Grustaget" which is on the left side just after the public road ends and from there walk up to Tjulträsk and back about 8 km. Then you can start from Tjulträsk and walk down to the village. An easy hike through both old and young forest with a wonderful view. Along the trail there are also some old catch pits.


The fox case

From the parking lot. Höbäcken 8 km
Follow Aitenasvägen along Vindelån. Very easy hiking. At Rävfallet there is a cabin where you can spend the night, the keys are at Ammarnäs Livs. Rävfallsstugan has 18 beds and access to a sauna.



1.5 km from the car park north of Ammarnäs
From the car park, follow the sign for Örnbo. After about 1.5 km you can turn left on a small path, where there is Trollskogen an old primeval forest reminiscent of a painting by John Bauer. The path is about 150 m long and comes out again on the trail towards Örnbo.



4 km from the car park north of Ammarnäs
From the car park, follow the sign for Örnbo. After about 1.5 km you can turn left on a small path, where Trollskogen is an old primeval forest. The trail then goes to Bissanbäcken and a newly built mill, where you can rest and enjoy the progress of the brook before the path continues upwards. Örnbo is a mountain apartment from the 1860s.



from Ammarnäs 5.2 km
You drive towards Tjulträsk and on the left you will find the sign.
Juobmovare is the richest of all meadows in the Ammarnäs area. The meadow is located on a beautiful southern slope towards Tjulån. In summer, Juobmovare is a flamboyant flower meadow with midsummer flowers, a Nordic storm hat, butter balls and a bridal brush. The meadows closest to the river are especially rich in species. There you can find mountain timothy, golden rice, mountain wood, hay flower, snake root and spring spike. Down by the river there is a barbecue area.

It is mostly flowers in the first half of July. Sometime in the second half of July, it is usually mowing.



4 km from the car park Tjulträsk. The trail up to Gajsats is cross-marked.
The trail starts behind the information sign for Vindelfjällens Naturreservat. The first 2 km you follow the stream that goes through mountain birch forest. The trail is not marked but you can see it clearly. Once at the top (1008 m) you look out over the entire reserve with peaks such as Stor-Aigert (1101 m), Sulåive (1352 m), Stubebakte (1274 m) and in clear weather you can see Norra Sytertoppen (1768 m) as is located at Hemavan.

Long flow

From Ammarnäs 3.5 km. 1 km after the car park Kungsleden S, the trail turns left.

There is a sign; Long flow 2.

You walk along the southern Kungsleden and after 2 km you turn left. You then follow the edge along Ribovardo. At Långflytje you have a fantastic view of Ammarnäs and the Ammärnäs delta. The trail is marked and the terrain is easy


The case of Guolets

From the parking lot. Höbäcken 4 km

After 2.5 km along Aitenasvägen, a path goes up to the right (just before Guoletsbäcken). Now you enter an old pine forest from the 18th century. The path can sometimes be risky to walk because it is steep and goes along an edge that falls towards the stream. Going up to the first case is no problem.

Biergenis reindeer slaughterhouse

13 km from Ammarnäs

Here Grans Sameby had a reindeer slaughterhouse. Today it is used in mid-September when the crocodile slaughter takes place. From here you walk 1 km through birch forest before you are up on the bare mountain. Once up on Björkfjället, the view over Vindelådalen is fantastic. You can also see Ammarfjället and Guvertfjäll. Here, the northern Kungsleden goes towards Adolfström.

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