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Membership fee 2021


Information from the board of Destination Ammarnäs Ekonomisk Förening

The board of Destination Ammarnäs Ekonomisk Förening has decided that the membership fee for 2021 will be SEK 200.

We have introduced 2 different membership fees to make it easier for us to report our size to all our partners we work with.

Fee for Associations / Entrepreneurs SEK 200 Fee personal Member SEK 200

The more people who participate and pay, the stronger we are in our negotiations with the counterparties, in negotiations on future investments for us in Ammarnäs. A large membership support gives us strength.

The amount of SEK 200 is paid into Destinationens bg: 5362-1686 as soon as possible for the year 2021

Enter name, address, telephone number, mobile number & personal number on the payment card or email your details to:

Label avin with Member 2021.

If you email your details, please do not forget to state the name on the payment card. If you have already paid the membership fee for 2020, we say "big thank you" from the board.



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