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Kraddsele, Djupfors & Övre Sandsele

Sevärdheter och utflyktsmål

The national river Vindelälven flows along road 363 through the village of Kraddsele, 70 km west of Sorsele about 20 km downstream of Ammarnäs.
About twenty hospitable people live here all year round with many returning visitors from near and far.

In the village there is, among other things, a beautifully located campsite. Many holiday homes are inhabited during holidays by people from all over Sweden with different connections to the Kraddsele area.

The traditional basic industries in this mountain area are increasingly being combined with nature-based tourism. Reindeer husbandry has been conducted for generations within the Sami villages of Ran and Gran, while small-scale farming close to the mountains has been replaced by modern animal husbandry with free-grazing meat animals, combined with landscaping. There is also a strong Sami and settler tradition in handicrafts in the area. Read more!


Guoletsbäcken waterfall



Go towards Norra Ammarnäs. After the bridge at Vindelåforsen, turn left and follow the river up to Höbäcken. There is a suspension bridge over the river, a picnic area and an information board about Vindelfjällen. Here you can park and continue on foot up the river.


(15 km) From the car park at Höbäcken, follow the trail to the bridge over Guoletsbäcken. Look for the path that begins just before the bridge opposite a large pine tree. The fall and the rapids up on the bare mountain is a sight not to be missed. This is a trip of approx. 8 km from the parking lot counted back and forth.

The fox case


(19 km) Rävfallsstugan is located approx. 1 km above Aitenjas and here you have the opportunity to spend the night if you want. At the cottage there is a wood-fired sauna. If you want to be a guaranteed place, you book at Ammarnäs Livs in Ammarnäs where you also pick up a key and pay for accommodation.

Tel: 0952-600 07



(13.8 km) From the car park at Höbäcken you can continue on the road and drive / walk up to Biergeni's reindeer enclosure. It is about 4 km from the parking lot. Here, Grans Sameby has a reindeer slaughterhouse that is used in mid-September when the reindeer slaughter
takes place. If you want to go up on the bare mountain, it is easy to get up along the trail that starts to the right of the sign that stands where the road splits up at Biergenis. Once up on Björkfjället, the view over Vindelådalen is fantastic. You can also see Ammarfjället and Guvertfjäll. The Kungsleden passes up here, north towards Adolfström and south towards Rävfallsstugan and then go down to Ammarnäs.


18 km Starts up at the ski lift, either go up the slalom slope or Kungsleden. Both roads radiate together at Näsbergstjärn. Now you are also on the new stretch of Kungsleden that goes towards Rävfallsstugan. Follow the trail to Småfjällen where the Kungsleden separates. From here, the trail is marked with a red section and it carries down towards Karsbäcken. After about 1.5 km you come down to a bridge that crosses the stream. On the other side there is a windbreak if you want to rest for a while. Then just follow the trail down to the country road. From the road you have 4 km down to the village. If you do not want to walk the road, there is a suspension bridge over Tjulån, see sign on the opposite side of the road. The path follows Tjulån down to Ammarnäs.


(18 km) About 10 km from the car park at Höbäcken is Aitenjas, an old shack that is very beautifully located. The Sami Anders Sjulsson settled here in 1885. The first to probably start clearing meadows were the Ammarnäs farmers David Forsvall d.ä and Nils Johan Strömgren. The latter then left the homestead to four of his sons who in the late 1920s and early 1930s built cottages and summer barns here. The last time you hit here was in 1972.


Gaisatjtur sept 2012 019.jfif

(approx. 10 km to the top) Easily accessible peak at 1010 m.ö.h. with wide views. If you want to get up on the bare mountain quickly, this is recommended. Take the car up the road towards Tjulträsk 7 km. There is a parking space next to a reindeer fence. Begin the hike on the trail that is on the other side of the road. Up to the top is a trip of approx. 3 km easy road. When you are up there, you have a beautiful view of the Tjulträsk valley and the surrounding mountains. The level difference is 450 meters, which can feel strenuous but is affordable for those who have normal condition. Nice day trip.



Starts in Ammarnäs by Näsbergsvägen. The first sign is at the intersection by the ski lift, which is 1.2 km from the bus stop. From there you walk along the forest edge along Näsbergsvägen approx. 150 m, where is the next sign that points out the Kungsleden towards Adolfström via Rävfallet.


It starts on the south side Tjulån from road 363 which goes to Sorsele, see sign and trail markings. You start by walking through the pine forest which then turns into birch forest up towards the bare mountain, a distance of about 5 km. Then the trail goes west towards Aigertstugan.

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