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Take care of the rubbish and recycle, and you will take care of nature! What you take with you in your hiking backpack, we of course want you to take back and leave in the intended place. There are recycling stations in Ammarnäs.


Most of our accommodations and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. In addition to these locations, there is general Wi-Fi at the Tourist Office located at the Inlandsbanan railway station.


What kind of clothes you should wear depends on what part of the destination you are in, as well as what season it is. Winters can vary greatly in temperature, as can summers. A rule of thumb, however, is to bring windproof clothing in the summer and thermal clothing in the winter.


Here the dogs are loved, and they can of course go out into nature. The same general rules for dogs apply here as in the rest of Sweden - keep them connected between 1 March and 20 August. In the Vindelfjällen nature reserve, they must be kept connected regardless of the time period.


We want the local economy to be supported. So instead of piling up groceries before you come here, you can make sure that the store - remains.


4G has pretty good mobile coverage along the E45 and road 363. 2G is available in most villages. However, there are places without mobile coverage, much depending on trees, weather and other unforeseen factors. You should be aware that large parts of the mountain world lack coverage. See coverage maps here .


Mosquitoes! We have them. Of course. But to be completely honest, you will not be bothered by them in some places, like out in the mountains. But to be on the safe side, it can be good to bring a mosquito repellent. There are several to choose from in the nearest grocery store or pharmacy. Mosquito repellent should not be used on children under three years of age.



Do you have full control of what the right of public access means? If not , feel free to refresh your knowledge . In the mountains, there are no-go areas during certain dates, such as Marsivaggi, which is closed between 15 May and 1 August. Also keep in mind that Vindelfjällen is a workplace for reindeer herders.


The nearest health center is Sorsele Hospital , with regular opening hours. The emergency care center has alternating Sorsele, Malå and Storuman and visitors are referred to the right place after contact with 1177.


Motor vehicles are not covered by the Right of Public Access. It is forbidden to drive on forest land with young forest and on cultivated land if it can not be done without damage to the land. The Vindelfjällen nature reserve is regulated for snowmobile traffic, and it is not permitted to drive outside the marked snowmobile trails. Read more about snowmobile racing here.


There are lots of places to fish here. Some distances or water are quotas, others are not. Fishing licenses can be purchased via NatureIt at the County Administrative Board's fishing waters. Otherwise, our suggestion is to go through one of the companies that mediate fishing licenses, they can also point you in the right direction.


In the mountains, the weather can vary a lot. Whether you are driving a scooter or hiking, you should think about safety. Ask and listen to the advice you get - Naturum in Ammarnäs is a good place to start. A few tips are to plan your main route and alternative routes, announce where you are going, do not stress, stay in the cottage when the weather is bad and bring a map and compass. Read more about mountain safety here.


Reindeer are important to us. Some are found on the roads, during the winter when they lick the road to absorb salt and minerals, but especially during the spring winter when they migrate towards the mountains. Please adjust the speed if you see black plastic bags hung at the roadside. During the spring and early summer, the reindeer are particularly sensitive to disturbances, so if you come across a reindeer during the mountain hike, take a small detour.

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