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First-class grayling fishing


Tjulån and Vindelälven keep many large grayling. Tjulån is famous as grayling water and Vindelälven is perhaps even better. In Tjulån, the grayling moves around a bit during the season, but since the entire river is easily accessible, this is not a problem but rather an extra spice for the angler. In Vindelälven, it is especially Sjöforsen and the area around Järnforsen that are extra hot for the largest grayling. The grayling season lasts well into the autumn and only gets better the closer you get to the icing.

Ammarnäs trout


Ammarnäs trout is a completely unique strain of large brown trout. The trout play in the river where the smolt also grows its first years before it goes out into the big lakes to grow.
Already around midsummer, the fishermen start making small visits to the river and the fishing only gets better the further into the season we come. The smallest trout weigh around two kilos and the largest upwards seven to eight. It is the size that has made the trout famous all over the world.

Sami exceptional waters


Vindelälven nature reserve offers one of Sweden's best fish for char and trout. Many of these waters are remote in land without roads. Waters such as Ältsån, Laivajukke, Skeblesjön and parts of Vindelån are completely closed waters. This means that you have to book your fishing through one of the companies in the village and then you travel out with a guide. Accommodation takes place in permanent huts or tent huts, which gives a comfortable life even if you are far out in the wilderness.



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Ammarnäs Wärdshus

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Emils Fiskecamp

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The mountain horse

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