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Charging pole for electric cars

is available at Ammarnäs Livs.


Public transport

You get to Ammarnäs by public transport by bus, which runs once or twice a day from Sorsele. If you come from southern Sweden, you usually take a train up to Norrland. From the train there are then buses to Sorsele. SJ and provide more detailed information from your particular departure station.

If you fly up, it is Arvidsjaurs, Lycksele, Hemavans and Umeå airports that apply.

There are also regular helicopter trips from Hemavan to Ammarnäs if you think it is a better alternative than taking the bus the last bit.

Own vehicle

By car, drive to Sorsele and turn left along Ammarnäsvägen, road 363. From southwest Sweden, follow the 45 to Sorsele. If you come from southeast Sweden, you drive road 363. It is possible to refuel the car in Ammarnäs so it is not necessary to refuel before driving the last mile from Sorsele.

The road follows the Vindelälven river and there are many different excursion destinations to stop at, including Gillesnoule chapel and the bridal veil waterfall. Contact nature in Ammarnäs or the tourist office in Sorsele for further information.

Road 363 starts in Ammarnäs, 89 kilometers west of Sorsele.

Hike to Ammarnäs

You can also hike or ski to Ammarnäs. The Kungsleden passes here and from Hemavan it is 79 km. It is possible to walk between STF's manned cabins when you come from Hemavan, which is then estimated to take 5-7 days. From Kvikkjokk it is 157 km and here are some open cabins

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